KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2020

Mesh in a Mesh: A Model for Stronger Multi-tenancy of Kubernetes Workloads

Most organizations use some flavor of multi-tenancy in their clusters for their teams, applications or customers. Namespaces paired with RBAC, ResourceQuota & NetworkPolicy provide ways to isolate tenants at some level. However these primitives are insufficient for setting L7 policies on the ingress/egress traffic per tenant.

If you’re administering clusters for multiple tenants, attend this talk to learn a new model for deploying workloads in tenant specific sub-meshes within your service mesh. This model uses Envoy based ingress/egress gateways per-tenant, which helps:

  • set traffic policies and scale resources per-tenant
  • hide tenant application topology when communicating with external entities
  • assign per-tenant identities (SPIFFE) for use with transport authentication (mTLS), authorization (OAuth2) & origin authentication (JWT)
  • share mesh control plane resources across tenants

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